Just a note of thanks for all you've done for my daughter and by extension for me, most notably finding the phenomenal staff member who helps her. We are on the other side of the country and knowing that you are watching over things and can step in quickly if needed gives us peace of mind.
Bolinas, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Call us.  Our goal is to be helpful to you.  We know how complex and difficult transitions can be. We will listen carefully and use our expertise to help you navigate your situation. If our services don’t match your needs, we will use our expertise to guide you to a resource that is a better match.  People often tell us that talking to us was very helpful in sorting out their situation and in determining next steps.

If after our phone conversation you’d like to set up an introductory meeting, we’ll come to your home so that you can learn more about our services and that we can more fully understand your goals and needs.  There is never any charge for this meeting.

When we meet with you, we’ll review your needs and goals. The services you desire may be for you or for a family member. Together, we’ll make a plan to provide you with highly capable and caring staff who will come to your home (or other place of residence). We are goal oriented in our approach – helping clients maintain their health and best functioning is always part of our focus.  Beacon InHome has carefully developed an integrated model of both in-home care and care coordination.  Working with us, you have access to geriatric social worker expertise, care manager expertise, and nursing expertise.  Monitoring our clients through feedback from our staff members, we meet regularly to discuss each of our clients –ensuring that we offer effective and coordinated services.

We are highly flexible in the services we provide.  We work with adults of all ages. Some individuals are looking to pursue activities that are meaningful to them. We can provide administrative assistants to retired people who may desire some support to maintain their interests and lifestyle.  We can provide social companions or transportation for cultural outings.  We also excel at helping clients who are facing minor or major limitations due to illness and injuries.  We can even provide in-home care around the clock if that is needed. We often assist people with progressive cognitive impairment and can help at every stage of the disease. We always focus on safety, quality of life, and meeting the unique preferences of each person.

Yes.  We bring our clinical expertise into locating staff members who are trustworthy, highly competent and who will be a good match for you.  Our goal is that you look forward to seeing our staff member, and we make sure that you are very satisfied with them. We always will make a change if you are not satisfied.  We also provide on-going support and supervision to our staff, making sure that any feedback you give us is addressed promptly.  If you prefer to meet the individual before service begins, we will arrange an introductory meeting.

We work closely with you to match our services to changing needs. We are highly flexible and can change the care plan quickly if needs suddenly increase or decrease. Also, there is not a long-term contract. With 24-hours notice, you can discontinue our services at any time.

We bring peace of mind to out-of-town families because we can stand in for them as needed.  We develop a relationship with you and can meet your needs for information about how your loved one is doing. We can also alert you and make suggestions if we notice any changes in your loved one that is cause for concern. We know that early intervention in any emerging safety or medical issues can be very useful.

We often meet with people who are concerned about the future, even though they have no immediate need for our services. We can meet with you now so that we are prepared to assist you without delay if you ever want our assistance in the future. We will know your preferences and overall goals.  You will know that you have us as a caring, capable resource who knows what is important to you.  Families and clients who have made these preparations have told us that it has been invaluable to them to know that during the stress of a health crisis, we were at their side.

Yes.  We bill you for services, and we pay the staff members who are our employees, along with the payroll taxes, insurance, benefits and other administrative requirements. All our staff members are bonded and insured.

Absolutely. We can provide care in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, long-term rehabilitation facilities, and other locations.

Health insurance typically does not pay for this type of care.  Long term health insurance will pay for our services if the client has this type of insurance.