It is hard to fully convey your great skill at finding the right match for each person’s individual needs.
Cambridge, MA

The Beacon InHome Advantage

Caring, qualified, experienced, thoroughly screened, bonded, and fully insured staff dedicated to your well-being

The dedicated people who make up the Beacon InHome team are qualified to meet your needs. Experienced, skilled, and creative, our staff members provide personalized support for your specific circumstances. They are trustworthy.  We carefully screen each individual, including a rigorous background check. All of our staff are bonded and fully insured to ensure your peace of mind.  And of course, Beacon InHome team members love working with people.  We look for people who bring warmth, sensitivity, and enthusiasm to their work – people whose company you would enjoy.

Personalized, flexible, creative solutions to meet your specific needs

At Beacon InHome, you will get individualized attention. After understanding your goals for yourself or your family member, we devise a plan personalized to your needs and preferences.   We work to match you with just the right team members. As your needs change, so does the support offered.  Sometimes a person returning home after hospitalization may need more extensive help in the beginning, and the help is gradually tapered off as she recuperates.  Or sometimes, a person facing a chronic condition may find himself requiring progressively more support and assistance.  Short term or long term, our goal is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

24/7…365 days a year, we’re there for you.

While like any professional agency, we have regular office hours, our clients can contact us whenever they need us.  That means whenever – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We are there for you.  Period.

We focus on the best possibilities every day, in every situation.

Injuries, health issues, aging challenges, circumstance shifts…all of us are affected. We know that life can become very challenging, especially in times of transition. At Beacon InHome, we look at the strengths in every person and the opportunities in every situation.  With confidence, optimism, and determination, we offer a positive approach to work through challenges.

Professional clinical expertise guides everything we do.

As a licensed social worker and a nationally certified case manager, Mary Ann DiRoberts created Beacon InHome to offer expert, personalized support to individuals and their families.  With our professional training and experience, we can help you sort through the challenges and transitions that you face.  We work with many individuals and families and can offer knowledgeable, caring guidance to assist you.  Each client’s situation is actively supervised by a geriatric care professional with a focus on quality of life, safety, and an optimum level of wellness. We can respond quickly and effectively if an unexpected need develops or a change in support is required.  We are dedicated to taking the stress and pressure off of individuals and their families.

A comprehensive, outcome-based approach

Each care solution is different.  The services we offer can be as simple or as extensive as you need.  When you call Beacon InHome, we’ll work with you to design a support plan that considers the whole picture, including any medical issues or other influencing dynamics. With clear objectives, the Beacon InHome staff members work as a team, collaborating to keep all services focused on the goals of the support plan.